9:00  Thrifty Discount DJ's (Blanko Dave and The Altoonoa Kid)
will be kicking off KidsFest with their classical vinyl sounds, 
drawing from a huge library of records and years of Disc Jockey and musical experience. 
They are retro to the end and spin 100% of their tunes on vintage vinyl LPs and 45s.

The Thrifty Discount DJs have thousands and thousands of records and really know their music history, so we will be in for a real treat to have them all morning.

11:30 The School of Rock in Downingtown House Band
The school of Rock in Downingtown was opened in 2004 and has been creating some of the finest musicians in the nation ever since. Each year graduates from the school attend some of the top music colleges in the world, including Berklee School of Music, New York University, Belmont University and more. 
The school's House Band is comprised of it's most talented and committed students and performs regularly in Chester County and the greater Philadelphia Area. See them now so you can say you saw them when!

Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble
One of the BEST Professional, Authentic African Dance and Drum Ensembles in the United States of America

Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble, founded and directed by Robert and wife Wanda Dickerson in 1984.   Located in Camden, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has grown to be one of the largest professional African Dance & Drum Ensembles in the United States of America.  Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble has performed at many prominent and prestigious events, including performing for and honoring leaders of countries, celebrities, politicians, religious, business and community leaders all over America and abroad in the Caribbean and Africa. They have also represented the beauty of African culture by performing and being viewed by millions on cable, local, national and international television.
Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble were blessed and sanctioned to be one of the BEST and the most exciting African Dance and Drum ensembles in the USA. Universal has also been blessed with five outstanding stilt walkers along with the famous stilt walker, Pasha the Stilt- walker who is also considered by scholars as one of the best stilt walkers in America.

In addition the Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble were chosen and endorsed by world renowned historians, scholars and artists in America and Africa to represent the USA at the World Festival of Black Arts and Culture (FESMAN) in Dakar, Senegal, Africa in December 2010, where over 80 nations presented their best.  At this historical event Universal performed in Saint-LouisGoree Island and Dakar, Senegal, AFRICA on the main stages.   The majority of our active members of our Dance & Drum Ensemble are musicians, advanced Martial Artists (Karate) practitioners, and many are local, national and world Karate champions.

1:45 to 2:30
J.D. Malone 
Dad, husband, son, brother, friend, 
singer/songwriter, recovering philosopher.

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